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Ashtanga & Vinyasa Yoga
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Access an ever-growing library of on-demand and live yoga classes—ranging from tutorials to hour-long flows.

Reclaim your priorities with instruction designed to help you see progress and develop a sustainable practice that enables you to go deeper.

Fall in love with the process of figuring it out and be proud of yourself for simply showing up.

Difficult things become accessible when we break them down. Step by step. Day by day. All it takes is the decision to start.

Flexibility & Strength

Sometimes we miss out on areas we need to open because it’s not in our sequence, or we’re not in a posture long enough to work on it. Get clear on what’s restricting you and focus in.


Move from the illusion of knowing towards the joy of exploring. Let time stand still and be captivated by the unknown, instead of fearing it.


I think of all postures as stepping stones for others. What does my body know how to do in one pose that I can use as a way to teach it to do the same in something slightly more advanced. Repeat and progress.


Longevity doesn’t arise out of instant gratification. It comes from a commitment to mastery, deep work, and creating a practice that stands the test of time.


Your favorite quick tips from social media.

“Sādhaka Studio is exactly what I have been looking for. Marla’s approach invites you in to share her yoga practice, enabling you to discover what your body and mind needs to build your OWN yoga practice. Simple, true, and always evolving is what comes to mind when practicing with Marla and Sādhaka Studio.”

Dawn Leonbruno

“I absolutely love Marla and the way she teaches her classes. I’ve tried many different instructors and Marla incorporates such unique drills and moves into her classes that have really helped me reach certain goals within my practice. She does a wonderful job at demonstrating and explaining everything and providing modifications. Love Sādhaka Studio!”

Katie Venier

“With Marla I enjoy every single class and her Sādhaka Studio helped me to reach so many of the things I haven’t ever been able to do before.”

Ema Vankova
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  • Exclusive, full length yoga classes.
  • In depth study of muscle groups and asanas.
  • Access to our community where we engage directly with our members to keep you inspired and accountable.
  • Individual feedback.
  • Roadmaps for figuring out where to start.
  • New content every week.
  • Monthly live streams.

Practice wherever you want, whenever you need.

Fit your yoga into your busy life. Experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device. You can even download your favorite classes so they’re always available to you.

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